Mail Boxes International

We provide other services also such as shipping, packaging and document services.

Fulfillment Services:

We provide Order Fulfillment Services to manufacturers, traders and internet businesses. We can stock your product at our Manhattan warehouse, offer you usage of our prestigious Madison Avenue address and dispatch your goods to your customers nationwide and worldwide. We can re-package, reinvoice and reship your consignments to your customers by the most economical yet reliable mode of shipping. Our rates are very competitive and service very efficient, reliable, honest and accurate. We have satisfied customers and no job is too small or big for us. If you are looking for a reliable Fulfillment Company, feel free to contact us.

Shipping Service:

We ship packages of any size, anywhere in the world through UPS and USPS. No package is too small or too big for us.

Pick-up, Package and Ship:

Many of our customers who purchase artworks and other merchandise from auctions at CHRISTIES, BONHAMS, SOTHEBY'S and other such in New York City, have us pick-up, package and ship them the same. Having handled hundreds of such jobs, we are thoroughly experienced and professional in pick-ups, specialized packaging and shipment of such special artworks.

Air Freight:

We provide Air Freight Services at very very competitive rates. Deliveries are door-to-door and door-to-port from New York City. Whether you're an exporter or you're moving from New York to Europe, Japan, India or any other country and wish to ship just once, do not hesitate to invite our quote.


We offer Black & White and Color copy services at very competitive prices. You can email us your pdf files and invite our quote. In case of Bulk Copies from your emailed files, we can produce copies & dispatch them to you by your chosen mode such as UPS, USPS, etc.

Fax Service:

We offer fax services. You can send faxes from our location and also receive them at the most reasonable rates. You can print our fax number on your letterhead, and we can forward you your faxes immediately wherever you want us to.

Messenger Service:

We offer messenger services from our location for same day delivery within New York City, Long Island and most parts of the Tristate area.

Passport Photos:

We take passport photos for all countries. We are specialists of Polish, Canadian and U.S. Passport photos

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