Mail Boxes International

Mail Box Services:

We have 3 Types of Mailboxes - Personal Mailbox, Business Mailbox and Corporate Mailbox.

A personal mailbox allows you to receive mail and packages in your personal name. A business mailbox allows you to receive mail and packages in your personal name, your business name, and in the names of the principal officers of that business. A corporate mailbox allows you to receive mail packages in multiple company names in addition to the mail and packages in your personal, business and corporate officers' name.

All 3 types of Mailboxes fetch you the exactly same services, namely:

  • A Prestigious Madison Avenue address, not a P.O Box address; an address that looks like:
  • John Doe
    244 Madison Ave # 101
    New York, NY 10016

  • Package Acceptance from all carriers
  • Package Notification
  • Call-in-MailCheck
  • Total Confidentiality on your mail; your actual address, contact details or information is never revealed
  • Personalized Attention
  • Courteous Operators to answer your every query
  • Additionally, you can choose to receive the following services for very nominal charges. In fact, you can receive from us almost any kind of customized service to suit your needs.

    Mail Forwarding Service:

    We can forward your mail anywhere in the world and as many times a month as you want us to.

  • The price for Mail Forwarding Service weekly is $10 per month plus the cost of shipping.
  • As a Mail Forwarding customer, you must deposit with us $50 to cover the shipping cost. We will give you full accountability for this deposit at the end of each month.
  • Secure 24-Hr Mail Access:

    We have 24-hour Mail access at our Madison Avenue location. To enable you to have 24-hour access to your mail, we will give you a special key. The monthly charge for this service is $10. There is also a one-time key charge of $25.

    Customized Services:

    Many of our international customers have us scan urgent documents in their mailbox and forward them immediately, receive and forward faxes received for them at our location, and do mass mailings for them in New York. Others send us letters and invoices to be mailed from New York. Yet others, have us repackage, reinvoice and reship their packages to their designated customers in different countries. Our UPS as well as Airfreight Rates are very competitive. If you need this or any kind of customized services, please feel free to discuss with us. We would be happy to provide you those services at the most reasonable rates.

    Getting Started:

    To sign-up for Mailbox Service, please print out the Application Forms mentioned below comprising of Form PS1583A, Mailbox Service Agreement and the Credit Card Authorization Form. Fill in all the 3 Application Forms, have them all notarized along with Two IDs - one of which must be a photo ID and send us the original forms by mail. As for the Credit Card Authorization Form you can fax or email us. Upon receiving these documents we will give you a box number by email, phone or fax immediately.

    Mailbox Agreement Forms :

    Credit Card Payment Form

    Mailbox Service Agreement

    Form PS1583

    244 Madison Avenue
    New York, NY 10016
    Ph: 347-220-3933
    Fax: 866-728-7252
    Ph: 347-220-3933 (sundays)