Mail Boxes International

Welcome to Mail Boxes International in New York City - your very own Mail Receiving and Mail Forwarding Office. Yes, we are like "Your Very Own" Office, because we handle your mail as reliably and carefully as you yourself would. Our representatives handling your mail are like your very own representatives. Over the last 22 years, our world class customer service, reliability, care and confidentiality has earned us the trust of thousands of individuals and companies, many of which receive crates of mail at our location.

Our customers include a very wide range of people such as:

  • Lay individuals wanting a confidential address in New York City,
  • Accountants, Attorneys, Doctors and Traders wanting to receive their confidential bank documents,
  • Busy professionals who have no one to receive their packages in their absence
  • Exporters, Importers and Trading Companies wanting a New York address for their letterheads and to receive their mail and packages that must be repackaged, reinvoiced and forwarded to different countries worldwide
  • Internet and Online Businesses, Manufacturers, Sales and Marketing Companies seeking a Reliable Order Fulfillment Company to stock their products and dispatch / distribute them to their customers
  • Universities, Institutions, New Businesses, Internet and Home Businesses wanting a reliable address to receive their mail and packages
  • Celebrities and prominent personalities wanting to receive their mail at a different address than their own
  • People on the move, who need a constant address to receive their mail, which gets forwarded to them wherever they go
  • University Students wanting a reliable address to receive their mail
  • New Start-up Companies wanting an address to open a bank account, register a corporation or receive tax documents
  • Whatever be your specific needs, we have customized solutions to satisfy your every need.

    244 Madison Avenue
    New York, NY 10016
    Ph: 347-220-3933
    Fax: 866-728-7252
    Ph: 347-220-3933 (sundays)